About Us

Our Story

The idea for Mountain Graphix began with Brian Brill, a former member of Keystone Resort’s Ski Patrol. At Keystone, Brian led a team of Accident Investigators charged with investigating serious incidents on the mountain. As director of the unit, Brian moved the team into digital documentation and started using a survey-grade GPS, in order to accurately record topographic information. Mountain Graphix grew out of the need to acquire accurate geospatial information from ski incidents and intuitively present the complex data. By bringing the Geographic Information System (GIS) data into the 3D environment, it opened Mountain Graphix into the spectacular power of 3D animations.

Today, Mountain Graphix specializes in reproducing complex accident scenes in a 3D environment using accurate GIS mapping, precise survey information and data-rich spatial imaging. We work with bio-mechanical engineers to create precise High Definition 3D reproductions for Slip & Fall, Automotive Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Construction Defect & Product Liability and many other fields of litigation.

Our Team

Brian Brill

Brian is the founder of Mountain Graphix. As a Ski Patroller, he became interested in mapping and modeling ski areas, eventually obtaining a Master’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems. With 22 years of experience in scene investigation, Brian’s expertise has caught the attention of Homeland Security and other governmental agencies. Mountain Graphix has also taken Brian across North America. What distinguishes Brian is his years of experience, training, certifications and his outgoing personality.

Brian is fascinated with computers, technology, and, as he likes to say, all things nerdy.

Darrell Dingerson

As a veteran Ski Patroller specializing in accident investigation, Darrell brings a unique set of investigative tools to Mountain Graphix. Darrell has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Media Arts.

Darrell is a devoted husband and father and enjoys spending his time doing outdoor activities.